March 3, 2020

Have A Lightbulb Moment With Color of the Year, Bright Idea

When asked about how many tries it took to successfully create the lightbulb, Thomas Edison famously said, “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” The tenacity, optimism and passion that comes from these words and his life’s work emanate from this month’s featured Color of the Year, Bright Idea. This yellow is different from other yellows in its softness and the feelings of creativity that it engenders.

When Inspiration Strikes

Bright Idea Color Swatch

Bright Idea has been one of the most popular shades of yellow used in interior design and fashion lately. A unique and elegant color, it produces a kind of energy and mental stimulation reminiscent of Edison’s quote. It fosters and encourages positivity and “stick-to-itiveness”. This shade of yellow is slightly toned down and feels sophisticated and classy, yet satisfyingly expressive.

This shade of yellow is a thought-provoking color. It’s not so bright as to be distracting, but just enough to encourage a sense of wonder and stimulate the mind with the light it easily reflects. Its combination of warmth and energy produces an environment and space that’s conducive to creating things, coming up with new ideas and working intentionally.

Bright Idea is a color that goes well with cream colors and tans, like taupe and beige. It also works well in contrast with darker colors like gray and indigo. This range of neutral shades keeps the brightness of the yellow in check, while also emphasizing its stylishness, elegance and energy. These combinations create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for focusing, working on a project or just hanging out.

Where To Paint It

Bright Idea wall and couch

This yellow paint and its complimentary colors would add a sense of liveliness to places where people commonly gather and work, such as a bedroom, den, dining room or office. Its inherent brightness could also provide a pleasant sense of contrast in a darker room, where it could add a lighter mood of well-being and reflectivity to a place that is more muted or subdued in color.

If you choose to paint with Bright Idea, it may be a good idea to put beige or taupe colors in other places of the room to make this paint color pop. This could include accent items like pillows, throws or some window shades, as this color is bright enough to stand alone without the need for major furniture or decor changes.

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Painting with a color like Bright Idea is sure to bring about a sense of fun and positivity to the atmosphere of your home. But we also understand that painting is a big job and a commitment. You want to make sure you’ve chosen the right color for your space. We’re here to help you make the right decisions for decorating your home. We’ll also give you a free sample to compare and study, so that you can know for sure what new color is right for you. Contact us today!

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