September 2, 2022

Less Permanent Ways to Add Color to Your Apartment

Decorating your space to make it your own is important in the creation of a home. Bringing your own unique style to your space makes it all the more beautiful and welcoming. However, it sometimes can feel tricky to do this if you are renting a space, because you don’t want to put holes in the wall or repaint the wall back to white before you move out. Fortunately, there are plenty of temporary solutions that you can use to make a rented space yours without permanently changing anything. Here are some simple tips to help you out.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Couch, chair, and wallpaper

So you’re renting a home, but you don’t like the color that the owner decided to paint on the walls? That’s where peel and stick wallpaper comes in. Using this adhesive and easy-to-remove wall treatment, you can give your walls any aesthetic appearance  you want. You can add an exposed brickwork, shiplap, tiled or other design, or you can change the color and throw in some unique artistic patterns. No matter what design strikes your fancy, chances are, you can find peel and stick wallpaper that will give your walls a temporary, but pleasing, look.

Window Treatments

White room, floral curtain

Windows are another place where you can let your design aesthetic shine. Putting up window treatments like specialty shades, drapes and curtains can make that part of the wall pop and add a feeling of theme to your space. There are plenty of options to choose from for every style, like bamboo shades for a tropical look or thick, colorful curtains for a bolder or more luxurious feel. Like peel and stick wallpaper, the options for making your windows look attractive are practically endless.

Furniture Accessories

Couch with covering, pillows, blanket

The decorative and rearranging potential of throw pillows, blankets, cushions and furniture coverings is huge. With pillows and cushions available in every shape, size, color and aesthetic style available, it’s a cinch to find ones that fit with the look of the rest of your furniture. Throw blankets and textile furniture coverings are great for adding a little extra functional flair or changing the color of a couch or chair. The best part is that these decor choices can be permanent or temporary, so if you get tired of one look, you can swap accessories around or change them out completely.

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings

Most rental homes allow tenants to put up wall hangings of their choice. This is the perfect opportunity to find some artwork to mount or a tapestry or decorative throw to hang up. You could decorate with pictures of relatives and friends, a framed diploma, paintings, an award from an organization you’re a part of, motivational quotes and much more. You don’t even have to put nails or hooks into the wall to do this. Try using a set of adhesive strips, command hooks, some decorative tape or another alternative.

Personal Decor Items

Room with decor on table

Decor items can add an additional accent to your chosen design aesthetic, and their mix and match potential is, like furniture accessories, incredibly versatile. From bookends to candle holders to vases to rock collections and pieces of wood, almost anything can be turned into a decor item and placed in a strategic spot. A beautiful tablescape can be created out of something as simple as a tablecloth with some candles or pinecones set on it. A shelf can be snazzed up with some collectible knick-knacks or miniature statuary. Even spreading out some colorful area rugs on the floor can warm up your rented space a bit.

Fresh or Temporary Color

Plants on window sill

Nature provides some of the best temporary decor available. Flower arrangements, whether they be fresh blooms or dried stems, have a way of ushering in a special sense of peace and beauty. Succulents are appealing because they’re small but still manage to add a pop of color to your space. Put them on a coffee table or side table, or make a temporary dining room table centerpiece out of a vase of fresh flowers. Or, if you’re a plant caretaker, create a dedicated space for your leafy friends to sit and soak up the sun.

No matter where you live, you can make your space your own and thrive within it. We hope this list inspires you to go and do just that, whether you rent or own your home. Happy decorating! Contact us today for all of your paint needs!

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