January 23, 2020

Make A Bold Statement With Ballet Cream

2020 has begun with bold attitudes, desires for change and a common willingness to try new things in this new decade. We’re excited to see what changes people make in their lives, especially where self-expression is concerned. With that in mind, we have some new Colors of the Year to introduce for 2020, and we’re going to start off with one that is sure to make a New Year’s splash in the aesthetic statement of your home: Ballet Cream.

Celebrate Passion and Expression

Ballet is an art form that specializes in displaying grace, delicacy, balance and formality. Like many other activities of its kind, it is a form of artistic self-expression and performance, a challenging and rewarding activity that requires dedication, practice, strength and intentionality. It involves committing to a long-term journey of setting goals and meeting them, such that the dancer is disciplined and passionate.

Ballet Cream is a color that brings out this behind-the-scenes passion, adventure and hard work and celebrates it with its dialed-up brightness. While warmer than some similar colors, it emanates a sense of power and energy. It’s meant to inspire the individual to go about their day with a sense of purpose. It invokes a unique boldness, a go-getting attitude and an excitement about life and its opportunities, perfect for anyone enthusiastic about new beginnings and accomplishing goals.

Ballet Cream Examples

Where to Paint It

Ballet Cream is a bold enough color that it’s probably better to paint it in a single, contained room, as painting it in a large area may risk overdoing the chic and enthusiastic themes this color strikes. We recommend putting it on the walls of a bathroom, laundry room or personal bedroom. Other options include using it as an accent wall with calmer tones to add a pop of color, or using it with several other matching colors to make a creative pattern or color combination.

We Can Help!

At James T. Davis, we know that painting your home is an activity that requires careful thought, planning and execution. If you have questions about this color or any other aspect of design, we’d be happy to sit down and discuss them with you. We can also give you a free sample to consider. No matter what your plans for decorating your home, we’re here to help you get it done! Contact us today!

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