April 23, 2020

Make Your Dreams Come True With Color of the Year, Shooting Star

Color of the Year Shooting Star Paint Lid

Do you ever look up at the night sky, hoping to see a bright shooting star pass ever so swiftly through the darkness before vanishing? You have to be paying attention and looking in the right place to see it. And if you do see it, it is a magical feeling, almost as if the universe is waving to you. Many grow up being told to make a wish when a shooting star passes by. The essence of those wishes, our silent but deep and resilient hopes and dreams, is what this Color of the Year, Shooting Star, invokes.

Shooting Star Night Sky

When You Wish Upon A Star...

We like to think that Shooting Star is one of the many colors that forms in the fiery tail of an asteroid as it passes through our atmosphere and dissolves into stardust. It’s a bright but not overwhelming pink shade that combines many other colors within it, like orange, yellow, coral and peach. It’s a fresh, citrus color, that of a masterfully crafted pink lemonade, a reminder of a sunny summer day when anything wonderful and beautiful can happen. Shooting Star represents adventure and allows you to realize the unlimited number of design ideas and aesthetic themes that are available to you.

Where To Paint Shooting Star

Shooting Star is a bright and energetic color. We recommend pairing it with white, cream, neutral and woody brown colors (maybe even with a little natural green tossed in). Add it to one or two walls to make that particular corner pop.

Shooting Star draws attention and reflects large amounts of light, so if you’re wanting to increase the amount of natural light in your home or highlight a particular space, this color could be a good one to use. It can work well in a bedroom, a sunroom, as part of a living room or dining room or even in a kitchen. Put it somewhere that you want to invoke a sense of fun, limitless possibility and magic.

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At James T. Davis, we’re all about helping you find the right colors to create your home, whether it be Shooting Star or any other. If you want to learn more about it or about what other colors and decor choices could work well together for you, contact us today! And don’t forget, we’ll give you a free sample to try out.

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