May 29, 2020

Set A Serene Scene With Color of the Year, Modern Blue

Color of the Year Modern Blue

There’s something peaceful and majestic about the blue of the sky with the sun shining down from it. The same can be said of the color of a backyard pool in midsummer, or rippling ocean waves under a midday sun at the beach. The cool blue color that characterizes this natural beauty does a wonderful job of easing stress and creating a sense of calm, opportunity and inspiration. Now you can put this beautiful color on your walls to make the interior of your home feel serene with our Color of the Year, Modern Blue. A shade of blue with greyish undertones, this color is a little darker than powder blue but not as deep or bold as royal or navy blue, and it feels refreshingly light.

Blue water rippling

Calm, Cool, Collected

Modern Blue is a color that can be used to create a minimalist, uncluttered atmosphere in the home. Like other colors that are similar in tone, it can easily blend into the background for the purpose of subtlety. But it’s also a reliable, lasting, sincere color that feels simultaneously modern and timeless. It will softly brighten a room as the sun enters or as a lamp turns on, but it shies away from the level of brightness that a powder blue, light grey, eggshell white or cream color would produce.

This shade of blue is in a neutral-light portion of its color palette, and it works as a soothing, mid-range tone. For this reason, it’s a good color for a room that you or a group of people will be in for an extended period of time, for studying, reading, crafting, eating, playing a game or doing any other long-term activity. Modern Blue is a quality color for fostering a good atmosphere and headspace.

Modern Blue examples

Where To Paint Modern Blue

As it’s a lasting, classic and relaxing color, Modern Blue is an excellent choice for painting the whole or majority of an oft-used room. It could even serve as a base color for an entire home if you want to maintain a consistent theme. Pair it with other cool tones like gray, light green, and purple—it could even work with black—or add some bold color effects with warm accents like red, maroon, orange or yellow. This color and our suggested pairings can create harmony or interesting contrasts. These palettes could do well in common areas like living rooms and dining rooms, or in more intimate, private spaces like bedrooms and offices.

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Painting is a fun and expressive activity, and finding just the right color is an important process. With our expert knowledge of color, decor and stylish design, we can help you make the right choice for your needs, whether you decide on Modern Blue or any other color. Contact us today!

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