June 23, 2020

Spread Sunny Vibes With Color of the Year, Mella Yella

Mella Yella Paint Color

Many beautiful things in life are bright yellow. The sun, shining high and warm in the sky or glinting off a body of water. A cold glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade on a hot day. A field of daisies or dandelions in full bloom. A sandy beach when the sun is bringing out its full color. This bright tone has a way of creating excitement and inspiring hope and happiness. And with our 2020 Color of the Year Mella Yella, you can put this color on your walls to create a vibrant pop of life and joy in your home.

Spread the Light

Mella Yella Paint Cloud

Bright colors have a way of improving moods and creating welcoming, sunny, open atmospheres. Even when lights aren’t shining in the room from the sun or a lightbulb, these colors still manage to appear bright in tone because of how easily they reflect whatever light is currently in the environment. This is particularly true of Mella Yella, a bright and bold shade of yellow that can’t help but inspire positivity wherever it’s painted. Our eyes take in light all the time to enable us to see, and Mella Yella is a tone that can help you see a room even when the lighting is dark or dim. It’s meant to perk up the surrounding environment and draw the eye.

This is why Mella Yella would do well as a bold statement color. It would work as a contrast wall in a room of darker or neutral tones, creating a pop that makes that area stand out. Or it could be used in tandem with other light colors like white/cream, pink, terra cotta and light blue. Its reflective, stimulating and energetic qualities make it a great tone for places where events are hosted or where people socialize.

Where to Paint Mella Yella

Mella Yella color examples: sunflower, sunset, yellow wall, pad of paper, sunshine in trees

Mella Yella would work best in a place that you want to be lively, enthusiastic or motivational. Its reflective qualities would work well in a sunroom, plant room, kitchen or living room. It will work even better in these places if complimentary colors are present that can ease a little of its boldness while also balancing out the room and keeping it colorful.

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