April 1, 2020

Take A Deep Breath With Color of the Year, Parkwater


There’s something so majestic and peaceful about a clear blue sky or a wide pond lapping at the shore. A beautiful spring day brings with it a sense of newness and rebirth, and a clear sky under a warm sun is something you could stare into for hours. Color of the Year Parkwater is a shade of blue that is classic and timeless, invoking these feelings from nature. It’s a color that you can paint on your walls to create a calm, relaxed atmosphere in your home.

Simple. Classic.

This deep, muted blue color is remarkably uncomplicated. It effortlessly manages to create a sense of well-being wherever it is present. It’s also a nod to Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, Classic Blue, which was chosen for its anchoring and foundational qualities. A solid and dependable color, it feels like a soothing massage for the mind.

Parkwater also has a deep and meaningful historical context. Painters like Claude Monet and Eduard Manet developed pigments like it to paint sky and water scenes in the 1860s Impressionist Period. They knew this tone would convey the feelings of simplicity, effortless beauty and serenity that they wanted their audiences to feel. Natural colors like this are fantastic at helping ease people’s minds. Indeed, Parkwater conveys a simple message: “Everything is going to be okay.”

Parkwater Examples

Where To Paint It

Parkwater can be painted in a lot of places. It’s a more subtle, toned-down color that can easily fade into the background while still fostering a light and steady atmosphere.

This shade of blue is especially good for large spaces and rooms, like bedrooms or living rooms. It maintains a sense of quiet and reflectivity that is perfect for everyday life. It’ll be like painting with a deep breath. You can easily make it a monochrome color, or you can pair it with cream colors, pale pinks and other light tones. Or, for a more modern aesthetic, pair it with metal accents.

We’re Here To Assist

Parkwater is a fabulous choice for anyone looking to transform the interior of their home. If you want to paint with it, or if you have other paint ideas in mind that you’d like to see come to fruition, feel free to contact us. In addition, we can also give you a free sample to test out.

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