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The right color can bring life into a home. It transforms living spaces and creates an inviting atmosphere for guests, friends and family. It’s the centerpiece of lasting memories and family moments. This is why we believe in color.

“One can speak poetry just by arranging colors well.”

—Famed Painter, Vincent Van Gogh

From fashion to decor to music influences and everything in between, we have compiled our best projections for paint color trends for 2019 to create our 2019 Colors of the Year. Whether creating a palette of a few of these colors together, or letting a bold and bright choice captivate a room on its own, we believe these colors will create a mood of warmth, creativity and joy.

We can’t wait to see what you do with these colors.

Accent Your Home With Exciting Colors

These tones are perfect for incorporating pops of color into your decor. Add a little or add a lot. Make it subtle or make it loud. It’s up to you. The beauty of our Colors of the Year is that they are versatile enough to be mixed with a host of colors, but the warmth of the tones will quickly awaken your home and create a space that is refreshed and beautiful.

Try Out Your New Favorite Color

Reserve your color today and we will prepare a quart sample for you and have it ready to be picked up at your convenience. Limit 2 Samples Per Household.

Reserve Sample

Reserve Your Sample

As part of the local community, we cherish the ability to set aside samples for our customers. Fill out the form below and we’ll have a quart sample waiting for you to pick up. You can bring it home to test the color in your space and decide if the tone is right for you. Also, one of our consultants can work with you to find compatible colors, window treatments and other furnishings. At James T. Davis, we offer so much more than paint. Once you’ve selected the right color for your home or room, stop by our store in Lynchburg, Virginia, to browse our selection of home decor, wallpaper, fabrics, rugs and more. From the perfect pillow sets to tie your room together to the little odds and ends that add personality to your room, James T. Davis has it all.

Reserve your paint sample by filling out the form below. Please allow us 24 hours to create your sample. We’ll set it aside for 5 days to pick up during our regular store hours.

*Limit 2 samples per household. All color samples are made in interior flat latex only.


Your Color Palette

Your transformation begins with these beautiful colors. Each tone will flow well from room to room in most spaces. In fact, they’re among our most popular interior colors. Once you choose a base tone, one of our design consultants will work with you to choose complementary colors customized to both your style and space. 

Use Our Tools

Did you know that you can test out our colors on your room without ever leaving your home? Our colors are housed online so, you can use the tools below to start planning your room.