For 2020, we forecasted color trends that were a far cry from the muted, minimalistic tones of 2019. This year, we’re seeing patterns gravitate toward the bold, vibrant and adventurous—a transition that’s mirrored in fashion choices, design decisions and the growing influence of the younger generations.

These candy-colored Colors of the Year are exactly what we’ve been looking for to elevate our interior design, and we couldn’t be more excited.

To make these colors your own, simply stop in-store to reserve a sample or schedule a free, one hour consultation with one of our interior designers to learn how these colors could fit into your home.

2020 Colors of the Year

These tones are perfect for incorporating pops of color into your decor. Add a little or add a lot. Make it subtle or make it loud. It’s up to you. The beauty of our Colors of the Year is that they are versatile enough to be mixed with a host of colors, but the warmth of the tones will quickly awaken your home and create a space that is refreshed and beautiful.

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